Sleepy, Sleeping and Slept

For about two weeks, I was not able to sleep normally. I would go to bed around 7:00 in the morning and wake up at 12 noon. It was becoming unhealthy and even my children are following my pattern. It made me worry but there where opps to grab and I needed them (badly!). But yesterday, I tried to finish all that I can. So about 1:00 early dawn today, I was able to sleep.

Though I woke-up around 6:00am because I needed to take care of hubby’s needs, I was just happy that I got a sound sleep. Well, I felt a little sleepy right now. I still lack sleep but I needed to stay awake. Don’t want to stay alive all night again. Wanted to live my blogging life as normal as possible. Enough opps and enough sleep.

Blogging can really change lives…and sleeping patterns too! LOL!!


1 thought on “Sleepy, Sleeping and Slept

  1. Are you working online full time, Mommy? Wondering though, how do you manage your household with this online thing going on! You are such a superwoman!

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