Smart Blogger Award & The Blogger Trophy

This award was given to me last week and due to no internet access and my busyness from our house transfer, I was not able to post it immediately. As always, I think it’s never too late to thank the person who made this award possible for me. Thank you Mommy Gen of Wonderful Things in Life for always putting me in her heart. I wish I could give you some boutique hotels accommodation coupons but I guess the recession have prevented me to earn decently online. A simple thanks from the heart is all that I can afford right now.

Anyway, I don’t consider myself smart but I do find myself to be a learner in most cases. All the things I knew about blogging are tips and tricks from friends and my own experience. So, it was really a great honor for me to be given such award. Thanks again Mommy Gen! Muah! Love you!

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