So Much Stress

I think that one person can take only so much stress in life. Daily, I eat stressful situations. Stress is good if it is not too much, but the things that I face everyday can just sometimes get into my head. I get stress headaches and sometimes get into stress eating. I have my husband and our financial troubles to thank for that. I sometimes wish that I can just take migraine relief for my troubles and all the pain will just go away. If only that my stressors will go away as easy as taking a pill…

Oh well, I guess this is just something that I have to go through in order for me to learn. Maybe I have not yet learned my lessons in life. Maybe there is something that God is teaching that perhaps I am too slow to learn. I have heard of people going through the wilderness experience, much like the Jews during Moses’ time, because they do not learn. Am I like them? What is it that I could not understand in my present situation?

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  1. Tree Survey says:

    I always get rid from stress with light music playing.
    It relax my mood and make me rejuvenate. Really music is healer of many diseases..

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