Sorry for the Delay

I am really sorry about not updating this blog for a few days now. I am supposed to announce the winner of my Summer Swimsuit Giveaways last Wednesday May 5, 2010 but due to unforeseen events I was not able to do the things that are needed to be done. I am really SORRY for the delay; but please do stick around because I am still in the process of validating all entries. I will try to announce the winners today or early tomorrow. So please stay tuned!

As for the promised tutorials and tips, I am still thinking what I should write first. I am too occupied with so many ideas that I don’t know where to start. But rest assured this blog will not end up as an insurance blog!

I am curious, just to start the ball rolling, I was wondering if you would like to ask me a question that you want to know that revolves around blogging? If you do have one, try leaving a comment and I will try to answer your questions as part of my blogging tutorials. That would be great!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sorry for the Delay

  1. Glad to hear that you are back in business. and you blgo too is back mommy dili na mi mag gukod ni browser hehe.

  2. No prob buddy.I know you were busy at Summer task. 😀 But now you back on track and another great post from your end.Keep on like that..

  3. thanks for the update..
    Although I wasn’t able to join the swimsuit giveaway (i joined the follow me philippines giveaway), it’s good to know that you keep your followers/readers updated . .

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