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Most of my main emails are hosted by Gmail and Yahoo. So far having these free email accounts saved me from headaches caused by spam emails. My only problem is the emails hosted in my domains such as ruby at pinaymommyonline dot com and some. They always get spam emails by the dozen every day. It is so tiring to delete them always especially when you a reoccupied. I get emails like acai scams, lottery winnings, intimate products used by men and even dating offers from women calling me Mr. Ruby (duh?!)!!

There is good news though. I was able to find an effective spam filter plugin that can be used by Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook. The bad news is you need to pay for it yearly or else you go standard with limited features. Since I don’t have the budget, it is so sad for me to know that after the expiration of my 30 day trial period I will be back receiving spam emails again!

Anyway, do you have any idea what spam filter software that is free? I really need something that works best even its FREE or if we need to pay, a onetime investment would be good but not monthly or yearly. Suggestions anyone? Please feel free to comment below.

4 thoughts on “Spam Emails

  1. hi pinaymommy. I think you can use your email address on gmail. Try to google ‘use domain email with gmail’

  2. Hello GillBates!

    Yes, I can actually use my domain email on gmail. I actually did a tutorial on that using another domain I have. And I am planning to transfer it to gmail one of these days. Just a little busy though. 🙂

    Thanks for the visit!!

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