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Being a woman and a certified mommy blogger, I can’t help but admit that I have too many files in my hard disk, from personal pictures, digital scrapping graphics, my finished products, favorite images, copy of favorite articles, ebooks, programs, installers and more. But having too much files consumes too much space because I always create a backup on all files; thus, making my hard disk full of the same files.
So, I decided to look for an online storage service. Well, I have seen several companies and they offer different features. But the one that I like best is the services offered by Aside from the online backup services, they offer file sharing as well. You don’t just store up files but you can also share them with your relatives and friends.Anyway, I am going to try them out. They are offering a FREE 15 day trial for their customers with 5GB of space. That is nice right? If you might need storage too, I suggest you go and visit them!

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