Teaching Practical Things in a Fun Way

Last time while watching the Australian kiddie show Hi5, I was happy to see to that they were actually teaching kids practical lessons in a fun way. In one segment, the animals were singing their way to see a dentist.

In another segment, they were trying to understand why a tractor would not run. It could be the wheels, the cogs, the bearings, or the engine while all the while singing and dancing. I have not really watched this show because I am busy but I think that these are very nice videos for kids to watch. They talk about good values and friendship, too. Such a great show!

10 thoughts on “Teaching Practical Things in a Fun Way

  1. My children watches this show. They love singing and dancing along with them. And it’s a great educational show for kids!!!

  2. my four-year old boy grew up loving Hi-5! i bought him dvds of the show! till now he watches it, even if the members are all new! it’s a really good show! very educational!

  3. Hi5 was my kids fave show before until the channle was change and they started to love the new shows that replaced the hi5. i like Hi5

  4. One of the favorite shows of my niece.. When I was given the task to look after her, I make sure na naka-on yung TV when Hi5 is airing para

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