Techie Me, Techie Kids

When go window shopping for gadgets and gizmos, I am always blown away by the latest computer specs and designs. I just got proud of what I thought was a best buy and months after that, I feel like my computer is close to being obsolete already! The wonders of technology never cease to amaze me, really.

Now with growing kids who are obviously as techie as I am, I am preparing myself that by the time they become adults, I would be so lost in their technical terms. But I will try my best to catch up! I wonder if it’s wise to buy my kids a tablet computer for Christmas. They might not be that careful to take care of it yet. Oh, maybe I can have it for myself!

7 thoughts on “Techie Me, Techie Kids

  1. my 4 year old is not into these gadgets, but i am, although i don’t own any of those, i wish to have one, one of these days… crossing my fingers.

  2. I love the pink font in our blog. 🙂

    Anyway, I love gadgets as well! If you’re already thinking of what Christmas gifts to give your kids, check out this list of techie toys for them

  3. Yes, like me, my classmates are calling me computer addict , well I don’t know why,just spend sleepless night :)generations are really upgrading to the next level

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