Thanks for Making Me Smile

Last July 20 – 25 of this year, we at PMC had a weeklong celebration for my birthday. A contest was held to make a post inviting other pinay mommy and wife bloggers to join PMC and post a simple virtual gift for me. My friend Joliber and Ellaine sponsored the grand prize of a WordPress Blog with free domain and hosting! Generous right? I love you guys!!

Anyway, here are the virtual gifts that I received and to be honest…PMC members are so awesomely talented!!

To check on the original posts, please visit their sites. Digital Scrapping Gifts: Mommy Mitch, Mommy Zriz, Mommy Genny, Mommy Joy, Mommy Dhangski, Mommy Olivia and Mommy Elvz. Video Gifts: Mommy Genny and Mommy Irish.

Mommies…..can’t thank you enough for making me smile (and cry!). May God truly bless you all.

And these are the people who visited me on my birthday and greeted me….thanks guys!!

1. charm
2. Lxndreasb
3. JC Sacramento
4. PinayWAHM
5. spiCes
6. Can of Thoughts
7. My So Called Life
8. La vida es Hermosa
10. our family story
11. expressions and thoughts
12. Mitch
13. mxyzplk
14. Pamela Kramer
15. Jennie
16. Mighty In Spirit
17. Straight from the Heart
18. Everything Under the Sun
19. JesuLalaine
20. Sunshine and Merriment
21. genny
22. dhangski
23. when the boy turns to a man
24. Edutainment Today
25. Goodbye Heartbreak
26. Little Miss Anonymous
27. StellarBoy
28. Shawie
29. pinaywifespeaks
30. Dha Maldita™
31. pinaywife atbp
32. laugh out loud
33. 2008 PRC Board Exam Results
34. Celebrity Today
35. Pearl
36. JimboyPogi
37. Lainy’s Musings
38. Faery Dancing
40. Olivia
41. Random Chronicles
42. Pink
43. *Make Money Online*
44. PurpledSky
45. Aspiring Entrepreneur
46. abelle | Only in Silence
47. Make Money w/ Gusher
48. cams
49. carla
50. a {GIRL} for all status
51. vis vires
52. crissy haven
53. crissy’s zone
54. crissy’s library
55. Jena Isle
56. Supladita na Maldita
57. Pix
58. wandering elephant
59. Jomari
60. poray
61. hailey
62. Dhadha’s Random Blog
63. charlotte
64. bonz
65. Lovejoy
66. BaReFooTeD Me
67. Elaine
68. cielo of brown pinay
69. Hawksdomain
70. Pinaymama
71. Sasha’s Corner
72. *Blog Contest*
73. Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta.
74. chorva
75. Aeirin’s Collections
76. jco
77. WeNeedMoney
78. lei
79. Vertical Haven
80. Michelle
81. Money Maker
82. Deranged Insanity
83. Traipsey Turvey
84. Entre Card Contest
85. PierrEzrah
86. damuhan
87. Madelyn Sells
88. Twins Happiness
89. Jhaylogs
90. Asim
91. Brittany E.
92. Glamour-Vanity
93. Jeff
94. Bonoriau Mall
95. Chica & Pumuckl
96. eastcoastlife
97. MeiYah
98. jemi
99. inday
100. abby
101. Earn On The Side


4 thoughts on “Thanks for Making Me Smile

  1. You rock, Mommy Ruby! I don’t know how you did it, but I just want you to know that I admire your skills in blogging. Having able to come up with this long list that proves that you are well loved, is way awesome. Problogger ka tlaga ever! Galing! You deserve all the happiness. I hope things work out for you and your hubby! Yan ang ultimate birthday prayer ko for you and your family.

    Sana next year makasali na ko at maka gawa ng digiscrap 4 u. (turuan moko!) 🙂

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