The Blogger is Sleeping Tonight

I am really tired and I wanted to take a long sleep. So guys, I am hitting the bed early tonight so if you have any messages, please leave a comment here. Not on the CBOX, the messages gets full right away and I won’t be able to read it.


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  1. inday says:

    blog hopping.. pinay here. i love your blog’s new layout..

    care for a link exchange?
    here’s my blog

    Celebrity News and Gossip

  2. cielo says:

    shhhhhhh, my sister ruby is sleeping, waaaa buti ka pa, ako di pa antok, bloghop na nga lang ulit

  3. vhiel says:

    hey mommy ruby.. got a tag for you here.. and last

    i hope you get some good night of sleep.. i know i need to get one too…

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