The Bloggers Exchange

I just joined an elite group of bloggers called The Bloggers Exchange. This group of bloggers aims to improve their blogging careers in many ways. The group plans to have blogging projects in the future. Glad I was part of the pioneering batch!

  • All About Her
  • American Money Solution
  • Anime Heaven
  • Anything Baguio
  • Aris Online
  • Arise And Shine
  • At Home Here
  • Azumi, Kawaii Princess Story
  • Baguio Food
  • Beauty Loot Bag
  • Bee Mommy
  • Best Friends In Love
  • Big Bear Tube
  • Blogcoholic
  • Blogger,I Am
  • Bloggityboop
  • Bonz World
  • Cheeky Munchkins
  • Chic And Fabulous
  • Chubbymommyme Losing Weight, Raising baby and Annoying hubby
  • Chris’ Chronicles
  • Coffe,Pearls and View
  • Come, Dine In!
  • Current News Online
  • Dancing In Midlife Tune
  • Dashing Beauty
  • Dashing Smiles
  • Daily Snippets
  • Dishes By Pehpot
  • E! Fashion Talk
  • Earn Dollars Pinoy!
  • Eat, Drink,Blog
  • Elementary School Lessons
  • Elijah’s Crib
  • Family Life Online
  • Family And Home Living
  • Fashion Momma
  • Fashionably Trendy
  • Feminine Reveries
  • FickleMinded
  • Fitness And Sports
  • Flowing Rhythms
  • Food And Drink Fusion
  • Food And Passion
  • Foodies Galore
  • Freebies Overload
  • Fresh Crumbs
  • Fun,Fancy And Frivolous!
  • Girl On A Thrift Hunt
  • GreenBucks
  • Hands Full Of Life
  • Happy Homeworking
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • House Of Maria
  • I Live to Eat!
  • I Love Darly!
  • Imriz
  • Inspirational Insights
  • In Pursuit Of Success
  • In The Company Of Me
  • Iska’s Lesson From Working At Home
  • It’s Sewtastic Mama
  • Janet Speaks
  • Jared’s Little Corner Of The World
  • Join My Stroll
  • Josie’s Files
  • Josie’s Kitchen
  • Josie’s Window
  • Journey to Motherhood
  • Joys In Life
  • Just Love Blogging It
  • Kero’s Celebration
  • Kharlota Dot Com
  • Kidz Power
  • Life Is A Battle
  • Little World Of Fun
  • Little Zoie’s Steps
  • Live,Love,Pink
  • Liz Speaks
  • Loves Haven
  • Lovely Pink
  • Lui-Bloggera
  • Lyza’s Lane
  • Make or Break
  • Managing Finances
  • Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery
  • Mary Anne’s Musing
  • Me In Wonderland
  • Miss Blogger
  • Mixed Bag
  • Mom Fashionista
  • Momentary Life
  • Mom’s Up And Down
  • More Than I Can Chew
  • Mrs. Shoppiness
  • Mum @ Works Kitchen Wonders
  • Mumsified
  • My Blissful Life
  • My CameraSexy
  • My Daily Notes
  • My Daily Sunsets
  • My Dream Destination
  • My Everyday LIFE
  • My Fashion Sense
  • My Home,My Kitchen, And My Garden
  • My Life And My Journey Online
  • My Life’s Perception & Inspiration
  • My Little Home
  • My Nipa Hut
  • My Phone And Gadgets Zone
  • My Thoughts,My Words
  • My Web Log Dot com
  • Nice And Fab
  • Note Pad Corner
  • Novice On Blogging
  • Nutrition And Health Care
  • Oh! Gosh,Goodies!
  • On This Side Of Town
  • Peach And Things
  • Petty Things In Life
  • PhotoBlog
  • Photo Stories
  • Pig Out Session
  • Pinay Green Mommy
  • Pinay Mama
  • Pinay Mommy Online
  • Pinaymum- Mommy’s Life Around
  • Pink Chopsticks
  • Pink Clash
  • Pink Memoirs
  • Pink Stilletos
  • Pinoy Holistic Healthcare
  • PixelMinded
  • Postcard Crossing
  • Pretty And Awesome Things In Teacher’s Life
  • Princess Wannabe
  • Proud Mommy Of Three
  • Prosperity’s Desire
  • Randomness Is A Bliss
  • Real PINAY Blogger
  • Reviews Inc
  • RodLiz Nest
  • Sam Finds
  • Sanctuary Of My Emotions
  • Savour D’ Flavour
  • Sexy Blogging
  • Shopping List & Product Reviews
  • Shutter Happy Moments
  • Shy’s Mixed Thought
  • Smart Boys
  • Smart Mommy
  • So Much to Tell
  • Somethings Are Free
  • Small Kids Big Dreams
  • Survivor Mum
  • Table For Five
  • Techie Liz
  • The All-Around Mom
  • The Blogging Traveller
  • The Dias Family Spot
  • The Foto Minded
  • The Miscellaneous Me
  • The Orange Nipa
  • The Pinoy Biggest Loser
  • The Recycling Loop
  • The Smart Shopper
  • The Travel Diva
  • The Woman From Home
  • Three Kids Plus Me
  • This Is My Life
  • Thoughts Online
  • Topics On Earth
  • Travel Sites And Scenes
  • Travel Junkie Mommy
  • Travels/Explore
  • Treasure Jar
  • Trying to Write
  • Twinsanity
  • Under The Golden Apple Tree
  • Viva Pinay
  • Wanna Be Fit
  • What’s Inside Johanas heart?
  • Where My Feet Took Me
  • Whims And Views
  • Womans Elan Vital
  • Woman And Me
  • Working At Home
  • Yami’s Kitchen
  • Zoie’s Mom Bloggin

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  1. genny says:

    interesting! how to join in this group? i wish to be partof this Blogger Exchange group. cheers!

  2. rcayao says:

    I’m interested to join. Hope you can help me. good day!

  3. anne says:

    I am lucky I belong to the first batch too, Hehehehe

  4. shydub says:

    so okay lng if hindi tayo masama sa elite group basta kasama ako sa listahan ng elite bloggers sa blogger exchange hehehe thanks marz and to marz willa for the initiative

  5. Willa says:

    Elite Group daw oh! parang tunay naman mars, you make it sounds like as if we are the best among the best bloggers ever!!! 😀
    Hope we will reap something out of our “elite” group. 😀

  6. Lulu says:

    Visiting from Bloggers Exchange, I am a follower of your blog already

    Daily Snippets

  7. Liezl says:

    Visited that site through the badge. I miss this chance. Next month pa ulit sya open eh. 🙁

  8. LP says:

    stopping by from The Bloggers Exchange and following you too

    Travels and Explorations

  9. shydub says:

    im back here marz visit galore from TBE

    Shy’s Mixed Thoughts
    In Pursuit Of Success
    E!Fashion Talk
    Family & Life Online

  10. rcayao says:

    hi, please include me too. please let me know how to join.

  11. Janice Lim says:

    Hi! I want to be part of the list too. Please let me know how I can join next month. Thanks!

  12. shengkay says:

    i was late for this bloggers exchange..hoepfully the next time maka join din ako dito..

    masaya na rin yung sa WBFC..

  13. Jenn says:

    Ang cute ng blog mo, pink na pink! Visiting through the Bloggers Exchange.

    I Live to Eat!
    Shutter Happy Moments
    Where My Feet Took Me

  14. shydub says:

    Im visiting here through TBE. Happy weekend.

    Food & Drink Fusion
    In Pursuit of Success
    E!Fashion Talk
    Family & Life Online
    Shy’s Mixed Thoughts
    Oh! GoSh Goodies

  15. Chris says:

    Hello visiting from TBE!

    The MIscellaneous Me
    Family and Home Living

  16. Junea says:

    Pwede rin poh ba ako? hehhe

    Junea Stuffs

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