The Daugther Has A Daugther

At Pinay Mommies Community Weekly Fest, we are required to post a picture of ourselves then and now. Unfortunately, I only have one baby picture and I left it at Bacolod. So what you can see here are those old pictures that I already have scanned before.

The “THEN” is during my preschool years. The first picture is with my mom. All were taken during my birthday. We are not that rich so taking pictures was a privilege during birthdays. The solo “NOW” was taken last September 2007 while I was still working and the second is with my daughter during the Masskara Festival last 2005. The little cute picture was taken just last month…that is the stressed out and rugged me!

This week’s benefactor is Mommy Jade and she’s giving away the following prizes to the winners!

1st Prize – 1000 ec credits + one month 125×125 ad space at
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2nd Prize – 500 ec credits + one month 125×125 ad space at
The Pinay Blogger-

3rd Prize – 300 ec credits + one month 125×125 ad space at
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4th Prize – 200 ec credits

Consolation Prizes – 30 ec to all non winning participants.

So, if you are a PINAY mom or wife, join the fun at!!

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  1. jona says:

    mao jud mommy..tama jud ang title nimo..hehehe

    Beaty of Life
    Starts at Two
    Money Maker

  2. MammaDawg says:

    This is a beautiful page!

  3. cielo says:

    your daughter is a mini-RUBY…..

  4. Jade says:

    Wow this is beautiful!

  5. Z'riz says:

    Hi mommy! at last ni join gyud ko! hehehehe 🙂

    Gwapa gihapon ka mami! 🙂 And si Micah carbon copy gyud kaayo! 😀

    Check out my Now & Then entry HERE

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