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The Gym is Dependent on My Toe

You have heard me so many times that I am planning to go and hit the gym. Unfortunately, because of the toe wound infection I got last February (and until now); I was not able to enroll myself at the gym and so as my hubby. I told him that if I am not going, he doesn’t go too! :evilgrin:

Anyway, I am still planning to go to the gym but only after I get the strength to have my toe nail removed so that my wound can properly heal. Until then, my hubby has no choice but to postpone his dream in taking in muscle supplements and building his body. :rotfl:

Well, I planned to have it removed this April and give it a month to heal. So probably, we will be hitting the gym by June or not. Whatever the case…the gym is dependent on my toe! 😛

1 thought on “The Gym is Dependent on My Toe

  1. i’m not a gym person either.I don’t know,I think going to the gym is just a waste of time especially if you want to lose weight.I mean, I want to lose weight alright, but not to lose money either. 🙂

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