The Impact of the Worldwide Web

Almost everything is done online nowadays, ordering and buying grocery and personal stuff, paying your utility bills, writing your daily journal, reading books, to online floral arrangements, to keeping our homes clean and safe, you can find them online. Unearth the worldwide web and you will discover a plethora of information, facts, data and everything you want. Truly the worldwide web is an ingenious creation and perhaps no one has ever imagined how this creation greatly affected and impacted our daily lives years after its first existence. Who would have thought that the worldwide web would be this great and changing lives.

10 thoughts on “The Impact of the Worldwide Web

  1. so true… everyone is online too! even while on the road! the WWW really has changed our lives… i wonder if we can still live the same without it.

  2. The world wide web has indeed become a part of almost everyone’s household. We could depend on it in most of our daily activities like job,shopping,and socializing. 🙂

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