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Thoughts on Online Dating

Online dating has now become a trend. Two of my cousins got married to a foreigner because of the advent of internet dating and so did my best friend. With this, more and more people seek love and romance online; most of them approach a match maker. Well, not a person in a literal sense but of match making sites.
A blogger friend of mine once told me that she meet the man of her dreams by joining several match making sites such as Lavalife,, Friend Finder, and more. She said it’s better to join such sites because it would mean lesser risk from threatening online scam dates.Well, I guess she is true. I have heard a lot of horror stories regarding bad or brutal relationships resulting from fraudulent meetings online which happens mostly at chat rooms.

Just to be safe, I recommend that you visit They have a comprehensive list of all famous and trusted online dating sites. They also have reviews for each to give you a user’s view on what to expect from each match making sites.

When they speak about sickness, they always say “Prevention is better than Cure.” And I also say that with online dating, better safe than sorry.

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