Three Fold Effect

I think that the best weight loss supplements should have a three-fold effect – they should burn stored fat and convert them into energy so that the body will have an energy boost, should block the absorption of fat, and also curb appetite. I remember that funny commercial about a girl who takes a fat burner and then she exercises and jobs around. But when she passed by a sandwich shop where the guy offered a sandwich to her, she could not resist the temptation. So she stopped by and ate heartily. Their tag line was, “Not everybody has the will power.” Haha… It’s like speaking to me.

But sadly, after a few airings I no longer saw that commercial on TV. They must have been short on budget and I forgot what product was that. Tsk tsk. I am really interested in that in order to curb my cravings especially for sweets! I have such a sweet tooth! No wonder I get toothaches often!

6 thoughts on “Three Fold Effect

  1. amo gid momi,. i also have the tendency to scrimp coz we want results but the money is lacking. but te, in the long run, we will spend more.

  2. this is one of my nightmare, i did not lose weight after giving birth to GAb, i miss the old size i used to fit in.

  3. they should burn stored fat but this burned fat converted to energy (glucose). Because high glucose level in blood we must make sport to really burn it 🙂

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