Top 10 Commentators for July 2011!

Now it is time recognize my top 10 commentators for the month of July 2011 and they are…

  •  Corbitoness (18)
  •  zoan (16)
  •  Shydub (12)
  •  redamethyst (10)
  • gagay (9)
  • Lora (9)
  • Pinx (9)
  • Mommy Jes (8)
  • Grace (7)
  • Krishna (7)

Again, thank you so much guys for taking time to visit my blog and especially commenting. Your visits and your comments are treasures to my heart. Thank you so much!!!

As promised, I will be featuring my TOP 3 Commentators at the sidebar. Yay!!!

11 thoughts on “Top 10 Commentators for July 2011!

  1. Thanks for featuring marz, hehehe kanina pa ako bumabalik sa mga old posts mo but never noticed the badge. ang isip ko nasa pink thoughts kasi nasipa na badge ko dun LOL

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