Top 10 Commentators for May 2010

I would like to recognize my top 10 commentators for the month of May 2010. Here are some link love for your blogs:

  • Sherry (23)
  • Shydub (23)
  • Willa (23)
  • bamie (14)
  • bluedreamer (9)
  • Mikasa (8)
  • Winchester (8)
  • kayce (7)
  • Chris (6)
  • vernz (6)

Since we have a tie, I will feature the top three commentators as Star Blogs of the Month for Pinay Mommy Online. And these three are Sherry, Shydub and Willa!!

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  1. wow! congrats to all your commentators sis I hope I will be included I would love to be one of them…take care sis keep blogging!!!mwah! :-*

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