Toy Frustrations

I remembered when I was young that I really wanted a cash register toy. I asked my mom for it when my birthday is coming or if Christmas season is near. My mom would always promise me that she would buy me someday when she has money. Unfortunately, that time never came. I grew up wanting to buy that toy.

Cash Register Toy

Now that I have my own daughter, I wanted to buy one for her. But eventually, we had different preferences. She wanted a cash register toy but much better than the ones I used to want. She wanted the ones with barcode scanner, POS terminal and few grocery pieces that come with the package. And guess what? I was not able to buy it too! It was very expensive for me, so I explained to her that I couldn’t buy it so she needs to settle to something with a much lower price. Gladly, she did settle for a different toy that I could afford.

Oh well, I guess asking your children to compromise with your budget is much easier than promising to buy. You don’t have to worry that she will get frustrated if you don’t keep your promise.

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