TV Antenna

I badly need to cut off some of our monthly expenses. Aside from the bad reception we are getting, I have thought that I should request the cable company to stop our subscription this month. From this, I could save up around 700 pesos monthly bill and another few hundred from electricity usage. Besides, it is already school time and cable TV is becoming a distraction to them.

Anyway, before I cutoff our cable subscription, I have been reading a lot of antenna reviews. I need to buy a suitable antenna for our LCD TV so that we could at least get a clearer transmission of our country’s local channels. In that way, my children will still enjoy TV viewing during weekends and news watching for me and my mom on weekdays.

So far, I have read a lot of good reviews and I think I already have an idea what to buy. It might be a little expensive but onetime payment for such is already cheap for a long term run.

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