Unfortunate Event

Sometimes unfortunate events happen in our lives—and sometimes they happen one after the other that you wonder why on earth are these things happening to you?

I mean, you try to plan your life and expect good returns but somehow, along the way, life plays tricks on you.

I remember that when a friend of mine got pregnant, she had a pretty calm first trimester. While many women suffer a lot during this time, she was pretty okay. But when her second trimester came, problems arose when she started experiencing pain on her back. As it turned out, she had a kidney stone that got dislodged on her ureter, hence the pain. She got hospitalized twice and was home confinement until the stone came out.

On her second time at the hospital, she and her husband had a picture taking before she was released. Since they were the only ones in the room, they put the camera on the serving table and had it on timer. It was okay. But when her husband passed by the table, he accidentally hit it and the camera fell on the floor. The lens broke.

They had to buy a new Olympus digital camera as it was the cheapest at that time. Although they had to get it on credit, my friend decided to have one because she wanted her baby to have baby pictures as she was giving birth in two months. They were already drained with hospital bills and then they had to buy a camera because of a freak accident. Thankfully, Olympus cameras are pretty affordable but of good quality.

3 thoughts on “Unfortunate Event

  1. Cuteness ng blog mo marz. i love the pink too. Hope myour friend is okay now. ganito talaga ang buhay, we thought we are 100% healthy but once tumatanda we started feeling pain at mga sakit sakit ano

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