Updates on Baby Bella Grace

Since I have been so busy last March 2010, I was not able to blogged about Baby Bella’s six month progress but I had a post at her blog, Bella Grace.

So, to check out her six month photos, just click Six Month Old Pixies to visit.

To check out her six month developments, just click Six Months Old Baby Development to visit.

And to watch a cool video of her doing a baby talk, check out the video below:

2 thoughts on “Updates on Baby Bella Grace

  1. I love this video when I watch it at FB. pangtapat ito ky Kris Aquino hehe. Six months na pala si Bella, 2 months lng agwat nila ng Justine ko.

    btw, mommyrubz i read your commen. cge exlink tayo sa baby blogs natin.

    I will add your 2 babies in my baby blog


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