Updates on the "I LOVE YOU" Series

I am really having fun blogging about this phenomenon going on with my marriage. My hubby sent me two sets of “I LOVE YOU” text message yesterday, one in the morning and one during lunch time. When the evening came, there were no text messages anymore.
But I thought it was the end of it, today, I was awakened again by another one for the morning text messages. Well, I was thankful that he texted. Not because I wanted to read another one but I was able to grab some tasks for today! ^_^

Anyway, I am really enjoying the text messages but I hope that he will text more than those three little words and for what time of the day it should be credited. Well, if it took him almost nine years to do this, maybe I could wait for another few good years. Do you think I can wait more? LOL!!


7 thoughts on “Updates on the "I LOVE YOU" Series

  1. that’s so sweet mami… i think he’s finally coming around… i hope he doesn’t have any hidden agendas up his sleeve… please be careful okay?

  2. thanks mommy Z for the concern! i felt it already. what he is doing is not normal. anyway, he already revealed his agenda. too bad i am not giving it to him that easily. i have other concerns than his own vanity. ^_^ LOL!!

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