Updates People!

It’s been one month, one week and three days since I have given birth to Bella. And guess what?! I am having problems in our little home again. As promised to myself, I don’t want to disclose my marital problem in this blog anymore because somebody is reading. A person who has a direct involvement in the past that caused my marriage to break.

Now, for a few updates, Bella is still breastfeeding. Yepee! She is also doing great during evenings. She sleeps and wakes only to eat but still fussy during day time. She wakes up early at 4am while I sleep around 12mn. Hehehe…for short, I am still having sleepless nights thus needing an acne treatment!

Anyway, to all my friends and visitors, please stay tune for my post on my Second Year Blogoversary Contest. And I also need sponsors that are willing to giveaway cash, EC credits and ad space from their blogs with PR. If interested, please leave your comments.

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