Videos Caught by Hidden Cameras

As I was browsing for anything entertaining, I was shock to see less than entertaining videos. I saw many videos that were taken from hidden security cameras. One of the shocking videos I saw was an old man hurt by his own caregiver! Another one was a nanny who stepped on a toddler and sometimes she tosses her to the floor! Isn’t that annoying and irritating?

If those incidents happened to my parents or my children, I don’t know what to do. I might do a bad thing with the caregiver or the nanny. Imagine?! You pay them to take care of your loved ones and in the end, they hurt them!

Anyway, that is also the reason I don’t want to leave my children to anyone. I don’t want my children be placed in danger. Stay at home mommy is still my career of choice.

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  1. onlinemommy says:

    This is not really good! I really hope this harassment will never happen to my love ones.

  2. poshpost says:

    it is good that there is not much hidden cameras here in our city. or at least, wala ko kabalo. hidden gani! hahaha

  3. Life mOto says:

    never trust the persons that we hire. it happens most of the time na they strike back our love ones, kids and oldiest. be secure. set a hyden comera. 😉

  4. josie says:

    true enough, never trust anybody to be alone with your kids 🙁

  5. LOURDES says:

    It’s important to install CCTV cameras especially if we don’t know the people taking care of our loved ones well.

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