Warning: Phishing Email Scam

Have anyone of you received this email?? I have been receiving emails like these lately telling me that I have unpaid item at eBay. Though I shop at eBay, I never came to an argument and all my transactions have been completely paid.

Talk about phishing email scams! They are doing their best to lure you in giving up your PayPal account details. Good thing my HotMail account and McAfee Anti-Spam keeps them in the junk folder.

2 thoughts on “Warning: Phishing Email Scam

  1. Ay naku…I already wrote a few entries on these scams…esp yung sa Paypal. Buset sila…even if it goes to my Junk Mail, I usually retrieve it and send it to to put a stop on them.

    @my hula hooping pics??? Baka di ka makatulog ng isang linggo if you see me doing it…hahaha. Seriously, not a good sight to see…trust me.

    Gising ka pa>? Tulog na…

    Mommy J

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