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We Are a Team

Today is Sunday and I haven’t slept since 3 o’ clock dawn. I have been awake playing and working online. This is my usual routine – working to make money, playing to keep me awake. As a stay at home mom, I felt responsible in contributing anyway I could for the family since my husband salary is not enough for us.

Anyway, I also want to help out not only for our daily expenses but also in fulfilling our family dreams maybe not in whole but in part. Example, if my husband buys a family vehicle, at least I can contribute in buying car mats to make it look personalized and comfy. If my husband buys a washing machine, at least I provide for the laundry powder. I may not contribute as big as my husband can, but at least in some ways I can be of help.

Right now, my husband pays for the house rent; I in turn pay the electricity and water bills. He pays for our other outstanding debts and I make up for our daily needs. We are somehow a team. We combine our resources to keep the family running!

3 thoughts on “We Are a Team

  1. what a simple review here! sis thank you for dropping by and for leaving your comment..masarap kasi kung pinaghirapan mo talaga tapos may share ka sa lahat ng plans ng hubby mo..good luck and salamat sa tip…

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