Welcoming Winter with Baby Animal Hats

We’re almost halfway through August and in a blur, it would soon be September. That means we would all be starting to feel the chills brought by the holiday season. I’m sure that a lot of people will soon start digging for their winter clothes which they have put away, albeit momentarily, to welcome spring. Most people find it tedious to wear bulky winter clothes but they are left with no choice unless they want to freeze to death. Now if you have a baby, there are fun ways to Keep Baby Warm in Winter.

Nowadays, there are Baby Animal Hats being sold in specialty stores. These hats are often in the shape or the likeness of an animal, perhaps a cat, dog, bear or panda. Even babies would agree that wearing hats in fun shapes make winter bearable.

However, when buying Knitted Baby Hats, make sure that the yarn used for it is soft and won’t rub against the skin of your baby. The last thing you would want is for your baby to develop rashes because the hat’s material was too harsh for her skin.

7 thoughts on “Welcoming Winter with Baby Animal Hats

  1. baby animal hats are so cute. perfect for babies with thin hair pa. i love putting them on my daughter but my daughter keeps on throwing them away (lol.

  2. We have lots of those animal shaped hats and my kids just love them, it’s a good thing we live in a place where the weather is cold most of the time, so they can wear it all year round.. 😀

    I hear cotton or wool is a good material for baby hats.. 🙂

  3. those are sooooo cute! i love animal hats for dindin! but well we dont have winter. so we dont really “need” that. just for fashion’s sake.

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