What I Really Need

You know what? With all the diet or weight loss pills available today, I think that what I really need are appetite suppressants that give an energy boost. These are call thermogenics or fat burners. They convert the body’s fat and use them into energy. They also make metabolism faster and suppress appetite. But I really wonder about their side effects.

So anyway, I have heard of phentermine — an appetite suppressant. But like all else, it has its side effects, such as high blood pressure and slower heart rate. I am not sure if its benefits outweigh the risks. So I don’t want to risk it. I am kind of afraid to try it. And it is also pretty expensive. I saw it at a health store in Robinsons Place and a bottle costs more than a thousand pesos. And they don’t sell on retail so I cannot afford to shell out that much amount for a single purchase.

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