What is the Purpose of Spa Covers?

Do you have any idea what a spa cover is? The name of the object is already a dead giveaway. It certainly implies that it’s something that’s used to cover the top of a spa or hot tub. So basically, the question should be, “What is the purpose of spa covers?”

Spa covers are generally used to keep the temperature setting of the water by not allowing heat to escape when the tub is idle or not in use. Because of this, the amount of energy used by the heating mechanism is reduced. Spa covers also help in extending the life of the heating mechanism.

Of course, spa covers also help in keeping the hot tub water clean. After all, who wants to relax in a dirty hot tub, right? But more than that, they help prevent the loss of chemicals through evaporation, thus maintenance of these chemicals become easier and less frequent.

9 thoughts on “What is the Purpose of Spa Covers?

  1. same as mommy haze…pero yung na-try ko lang pang foot spa..hehehe..
    one of this day I’ll experience those din..promise ko sa sarili ko!

  2. wez man mi spa, to have spa cover… heheheh… unta bita lami jud unta a ng feeling .. unsaon man kay pobreng binuhat man.. hahaha was here mOmmy Rubz.. :laugh:

  3. Our pool and spa have shared equipment. The spa sits above the pool deck. The spa is draining after I fill it: not right away, and not when the spa pump is running. However, after 12 hours (which included the pool pump running) the spa is 4/5ths drained. The valves are electronic and seem to be changing position properly. Any suggestion please.Thanks

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