What Will I Do If I Win $100?

This is my official entry to Noel and Levi’s Thanksgiving Giveaway.

So the question is: “What will you do if you will win $100?

Answer: My daughter Bella Grace who will be turning 9 months old this coming June 23 has a hernia. She needs surgery to close the linings of her muscles so that her intestines won’t protrude down near her private part. A surgery is needed to prevent strangulation of her intestines because it will cut off blood circulation to the tissue and may cause health problems and abnormalities. Since the doctor advised us to prepare 35 to 40 thousand pesos for the surgery, my husband and I decided to do a little fund raising. We will save any little thing we can so that we will get Bella her surgery soon. So, if I win this contest, the money will be saved towards Bella’s surgery fund.

Please leave your precious comments and help us win $100 for Bella’s Surgery Fund!

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  1. vernz says:

    Rubz, sana manalo ka, kung di ako manalo OK lang… sige ikaw na for your daughter …. pray, pray ….. wait dun sa graphics na sabi mu yung iba I downloaded it sa mga torrents… all thebest.

  2. Mommy Dharlz says:

    Mommy, my prayers are with you and Bella..

  3. Dubster says:

    Sana marz manalo ka at sana rin manalo sister ko kasi they need meds and vits. goodluck

  4. Pinay Mommy says:

    @Vernz: Thank you very much for your generous heart. Kahit sino manalo. All the best!

  5. Pinay Mommy says:

    @Mommy Dharlz: Thank you so much! Prayers are the number one thing we need. 🙂

  6. Pinay Mommy says:

    @Dubster: Marz, I also commented at your sisters entry. Thanks for supporting my entry too. Muah!!

  7. bonz says:

    prayers to bella and your family.
    sana manalo ka and come up with the money you need for the surgery.
    god bless

  8. Paula says:

    Eto pala ibig sabihin ng hernia kay peh ko lang nalaman. hope you win, marz so bella can lead a normal life.

  9. wena says:

    Good luck mommy rubz. hope you win this contest para kay bella. God Bless!

  10. kikamz says:

    i do hope you win mommy. this is for a great cause.

    hope bella is faring well. May God give you and your family the strength to see this problem through.

  11. Tetcha says:

    Hi, Mommy Rubz! I’m joining this contest, too, but I still haven’t thought about what to do with $100, so I’m not officially qualified. I’ve learned about your daughter’s medical condition through Pehpot. I’ll buy a blog review from you; I hope that helps. I also hope you win Noel and Levy’s contest so you can have Bella’s surgery performed soon. We were in a similar situation, too, a few months back. We had to raise money for our Nanay’s heart bypass. Through the help of friends and a hefty loan we took out, we were able to have her surgery done, so don’t lose hope. God will provide!

  12. Mylene says:

    Will pray for your little princess mommy!

  13. Bams says:

    Liked this on FB.. Now lang ako nakapag-bloghop. I hope and pray she gets well soon.. Goodluck and God bless

  14. jona says:

    what a cute smile! she’ll surely be in my prayers. and i pray that you win too for her needed surgery. God is awesome! 😉

  15. rj's mama says:

    reposted mommy pehpots post on my blogs

    online journal

    My Baby RJ

    will include bella and ur family in my prayers. just email me when you are available to do one more blog review, im sure a lot are lined up already 🙂

  16. Clarissa says:

    Mommy Rubz,I hope you’ll win the contest.I’m praying for you and your baby..God bless..

  17. Ellen Joy says:

    Hi mommy! I also joined this one kasi we badly need some things pero I hope you win. I want to donate to Bella’s funds kaso wala pa kong enough funds ngayon. If matuloy yung isang project ko on Odesk, I will send you some. God bless you and your baby

  18. EihdraG says:

    Hi, Mommy.. I joined this contest too. My son needs the money for his therapy. I didn’t think twice to add my comment here (though I know it’s more of a popularity contest)because I want you to win the $100. Baby Bella needs it most. Will include Bella in our prayers and that you may win too.
    My son said it’s for a good cause and he doesn’t mind loosing if this would help cutie Bella. Be strong 🙂

  19. Willa says:

    Oo ng amars, if there’s anyone who deserve to win this contest, that’ll be you. Bella need the money more than anyone else.Good Luck!! :yes:

  20. Badet says:

    Hope you’ll win Mommy… or baby Bella

  21. Maricar says:

    What a precious smile mommy… I will help in your fundraising. Send lang ko pm sa FB mo. God Bless you baby…

  22. Cacai M. says:

    Hope you will win Mommy Rubz.. I really hope to God you will win. As to my plan for a $10 review, I will let it reviewed this blog (CMP) for the end of this week. Hina kasi ang Pu2B muna ngayon, tatlo lang ang opps ko, wla din kasi na mga pr 3 blogs ko kaya slow ngayon. By the next cut-off naman ‘yong TIR blog ko which would equal to two, I promised for baby Bella.. Again, I hope the contest moderator will be touched of their kind heart for baby Bella’s fund. ~hugs&kiss~

  23. Jona says:

    I hope you’ll win Mommy Rubz! Good luck!

  24. mommy leng says:

    :heart: Papa Jesus luvs you bby girl…mami, claim all Gods promises- He is best physician..He will never leave nor forsake you. Godbless.

  25. Sherry says:

    sis good luck.

  26. iamronel says:

    think positive mommyrubz opo kaw na..:)) i mean manalo..wink2

  27. EihdraG says:

    Cutie Bella, you won!! Congrats, Mommy and may God shower you with more blessings 😉

  28. blankpixels says:

    Congrats, mommy Rubz and baby Bella! 🙂

    I really hope you’d be able to accumulate enough for her surgery. I’ll be contributing to your funds this July. And I’m constantly praying for her. Babies shouldn’t be suffering like this. Really.

    Stay strong, sis! *hugs* And congratulations again! 🙂

  29. pibyang says:

    congrats ate. 🙂 sana gumaling na si baby. Will pray for her. 🙂 Godbless po!

  30. Chris says:

    congratulations for winning! 😀 this would be a big help to your fundraising! how is the fund raising nga pala? 🙂 can you send me an update? how much do you still need?

  31. melcole says:

    Hi mommy rubz and Baby Bella! Congratz for winning in Noel and Levy’s Contest! Hope the 100 dollars will be a big help for the operation 🙂 Baby Bella, kisses and hugs!

  32. Clarissa says:

    Congratulations for winning the contest!God is good talaga!Will pray for baby Bella.God bless dear!

  33. Elvz says:

    Congrats mommy! God is really our Great Provider and Healer so baby Bella will be fine soon. 🙂

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