Whats Up??

Well for me…it’s kinda crazy lately. It’s a mixture of pain and glory.

Why pain?? As usual, my hubby has been very cute. He has made my mind again go berserk! I will spare you the details on that, it would make you feel bad too. Anyway, another pain was my gums. I got my tooth extracted the other day and my gums still hurts until today. I don’t feel like doing anything nevertheless there are errands that needed to be taken cared of. By the way, I survived for 3 days at Top Momma and got kicked out. Hehehehe….

Why glory? I am a star!! Joke (in my dreams..LOL)!! Since I was in pain due to my husband, he made a way to make me feel happy (bribery huh!!). When we were with the dentist, he had finally settled the installation of my braces (yeppeee!). I had my ugly teeth imprinted and will have the braces installed today. So, at long last, few of my wishes will be ticked out in my list…hehehe. Another thing, I never though that the designer of the digital elements I used in my blog’s lay-out would link back to me. She had proudly linked back to my site to show her fans how her worked has been put to use. Wow! I was acknowledged. I was grateful about it. God is really great!!

Anyway, enough about me…how about you?? Whats up??

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