Why Drug Tests are Important

I’m sure you have tried to apply for a job in the past and you probably know that drug testing is a mandatory requirement in most companies. However, there still seems to be a lot of flak going on around it particularly since there are many union members that are opposed to the idea of submitting themselves for drug testing whether it’s something that was scheduled or if it’s being done randomly.

Come to think of it though, companies make random drug testing a protocol when screening applicants because they want to avoid the ill effects of substance abuse in the workplace like tardiness, absenteeism, poor production, attitude problems, theft, and to some extent crime and violence. When employees are asked to subject themselves to drug testing by a company, they are being asked to do so not only for themselves but for the company’s welfare as well.

When potential employees Pass a Drug Test, then the company has good reason to hire them. But if they fail it, then the company has probable cause to decline an employment application and in the process, they are able to nip possible long-term problems in the bud even before things go out of hand.

6 thoughts on “Why Drug Tests are Important

  1. Required ayata ito sa halos lahat ng mga work kung mag aaply ka. tapos may one time din pina pa drug test yung mga teacher na guro kasi daw parang may nag gagamit ng drugs, at may one time din may nakita na cocaine yung mga bata sa isang public school

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