Win a Brand New Samsung ST550 Camera

Just lately, Bella Grace has embarked on her first baby contest debut at Pinoy Smiles. But due to voting problems, the contest organizers have suspended the voting process. Now, they are back and changed the rules. I will post about the new rules later. By the way, thanks to everyone who voted for Baby Bella.

Anyway, there is another baby picture contest I found at Facebook. It’s Samsung TapandTake Photo Contest. Every week they have a different theme, this week’s theme is about the cutest baby. The prize is a brand new Samsung ST550 digital camera!

In regards to that, I once again call upon my family, friends, visitors and readers with Facebook account to please help my Baby Bella win a digital camera for Christmas. You can vote by liking or commenting on our photo entry found here: Baby Bella’s Samsung TapandTake Entry.

And guess what, Samsung TapandTake will select another winner from those who became their FANs and actively commented on participating entries. So, if you want to have the chance to win a Samsung ST550 digital camera, became a FAN of Samsung TapandTake and VOTE FOR BABY BELLA!

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