Wondah Woman Award

Getting awards and tags are very much appreciated but sometimes because of our busy lives, we forget where the giver left the comment and when. So you end up posting it late or sometimes never! Anyway, I am not complaining because I am “sometimes” guilty of doing so but I always try my best to post it whenever I remember it. Please forgive me and hope you understand that I am quite busy and limited.

One of the awards that I didn’t forgot but now I have posted late is given by Mommy Dharlz of Just the Tip of the Iceberg. Thanks Mommy for remembering me with this award. God bless your good heart.

This Wondah Woman Award kinda fits many moms nowadays. So, it’s very hard to pick particular women in my blogroll. Anyway, I will mention a few since I have really known them in one way or another and I believe they deserve this award.

The award goes to the women of Pinay WAHM, Day to Day Miracles, Our Family Story, Love’s Haven, Pinay Single Mommy, Straight from the Heart, Wonderful Things in Life, Praning’s Shoutout, Simple Delights and all the moms in the world. ^_^

6 thoughts on “Wondah Woman Award

  1. Thanks mommy, for remembering me… This really describes me (in my own point of view…hehehe)

    I’ll post ir for tomorrow’s post.

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