Wondered if I Look like This

May 20, 2008

Just lately I really wondered if I look something like this…LOL!!

This is what Bloggers Look Like When We Have Writer’s Block

Comment before you go. Thanks!

  1. Boo!

    Nanakot po! Anong latest Mommy Ruby? Ako eto ganun pa rin…allergy here and there and everywhere.

    I’m trying to do my hopping as fast as I can bago ako mag achoo marathon ulit.

  2. naku ganyan ako minsan kahit na antok na antok na hindi ko ipipikit eyes ko baka mawala yung mga ideas ko….ang kalabas labasan kabukasan i look like a walking zombie hehehhe

  3. waaaah Do I look like him???? I don’t want to like that… Pero I think malapit no maging ganyan.. Nkakaadik magblog..

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