Wonderful Blog Blessing

It’s been a year since I have lost my blog’s page relevance. After that, I have never taken notice of any update. I just continued with my blogging life as I should.


Then, early this morning, I was really shocked to see a green bar in my toolbar. So, just to make sure it was not a glitch, I went and checked with all valid page rank checkers online. And indeed, I have been granted a TWO!!

At long last, my blog have gotten some page relevance after all this time! I felt like jumping from steel buildings with great happiness! Thank GOD for such a wonderful blessing. 😀

10 thoughts on “Wonderful Blog Blessing

  1. Wow congrats for your PR mommy! I didn’t get any though… LOL! But I’m glad you got yours – finally! You really deserved it! 🙂 🙂

  2. oy kanindot nga balita mommy akoa gyd mommy wa pa gyd nabalik upat gyd na ka blog. ang ako noon blog nga gipasuspended nako sa paidpost kay nabalik ang pr. Hay nus-a pa kaha ang pr balik…

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