Wordless Wednesday

My baby boy watching t.v. inside the box. More Wordless Wednesday.

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6. Mariposa’s WW
7. MamaGirl
8. Onward Christian Woman
9. Joliber Mapiles
10. Anna
11. Homegirlspace Weblog
12. Utah Mommy
13. marcia v
14. JK

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  1. Sandy Carlson says:

    That’s what I call being flexible!

  2. tegdirb92 says:

    aww, that is cute 🙂

  3. ninah says:

    ang cute hehehe

  4. carlota says:

    hhehehehe…that’s cute. can’t believe her fit in the box. lol

    i’ve added your link already. thanks ha.

  5. Michelle Gartner says:

    Very cute- Happy WW

  6. Chikai says:

    there’s really something between kids and boxes. it can mean a whole lot of things to children. 😉

    i’ve got my entry up too, you can view it here and here.

  7. Yummy says:

    Kid in the box! Happy WW!

  8. Litzie says:

    That’s not so comfortable… LOL. I think kids are just like that, they love small spaces…

    Come & Visit my take for WW too. Thanks.

  9. ZJ says:

    I agree with Chikai – kids+boxes=fun time! No need for expensive toys 😀

  10. Shari says:

    Looks like fun. My kids would love to scrunch into that box, too.

  11. Joliber Mapiles says:

    Here I am again Pinay Mommy.. Joliber at your service, ehhehee.. mzta po?

  12. Anna says:

    Very cute…Thanks for sharing…I’m Pinay too by the way…Happy WW…
    Mine is up too:
    My Digital Snapshot
    Let’s Laugh Together

  13. gahomegirl says:

    So my kids weren’t the only ones to love the boxes more than the gifts that came in them!

  14. Joyismygoal says:

    ohhh so sweet

  15. Utah Mommy says:

    Cute kid in a basket lol! Thanks for sharing and thanks for dropping by. Happy WW!

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