Your Next Beach Vacation Destination!

If you’re looking for a place to spend your next vacation, I suggest you consider Sarangani Bay. Google it and you’ll find its magnificent coastline and pristine blue waters inviting you for a swim. But let me warn you though, bangus has already beat you to it. In 2011 alone, enough bangus fry and fingerlings has grown from these waters to supply over 50% of the country’s bangus needs, and still have enough for export!

Alsons Aquaculture Corporation are the stewards of Sarangani’s unspoiled coastline. And thanks to them, the waters in Sarangani Bay are kept ideal for growing and breeding bangus! They make sure that in their fish farms, no overcrowding happens. That means there will always be enough breathing room for the bangus not to suffocate, and the waters they are in will not be polluted by their own wastes. Because no overcrowding happens, fish kill doesn’t happen in Sarangani Bay.

By the sound of things, Sarangani may not be your type of vacation. But it definitely is the source for fresh and healthy bangus! But if you don’t mind swimming with the bangus, then by all means, visit Sarangani Bay isda place on your next vacation!

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