Express Misua with Sardines Recipe + Uni-Pak Giveaway: SIMPLE MISUA RECIPE WITH HEARTFELT MEMORIES This recipe I am going to
Tupperware Go Flex: Versatile Storage Containers: I couldn’t remember my exact age when I first heard about Tupperware.
Movie Review: Kita Kita (I See You): Saw the trailer for Kita Kita (I See You) around the last


5 Hotels Around the Metro for the Best Staycation Experience: These days, staycations are the answer to the need of city dwellers
Teen Trip Planning: Get Them Involved: No matter how much you love them, you may dread traveling with
Four Reasons You Need to Book Your Cagayan De Oro Vacation Using the Traveloka App: Cagayan de Oro City, my hometown, is one of the fastest progressive



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REX is Facing the 4th Industrial Revolution with Holistic Learning Whenever a discovery or breakthrough in technology or process creates an impact on how we go about our daily lives, we often hear people say the phrase — “a
School Opening is at Hand: Protect Your Kids! We all know that school opening is just around the corner. Kids will start waking up early and go to school. They will face, prepare or not, whatever challenges
Gracious 2017 To be honest, I just posted my unforgettable 2016 post. And guess what? I was not able to add anything. 2016 was not really my year. I was emotional


When I went back to school in 2013, I
Wherever you go, it’s easy to find kids involved
Screen time or too much of it staring into