Express Misua with Sardines Recipe + Uni-Pak Giveaway: SIMPLE MISUA RECIPE WITH HEARTFELT MEMORIES This recipe I am going to
Tupperware Go Flex: Versatile Storage Containers: I couldn’t remember my exact age when I first heard about Tupperware.
Movie Review: Kita Kita (I See You): Saw the trailer for Kita Kita (I See You) around the last


Is Making Money Online Possible from the Philippines?: Yes! The answer to that question is a big YES! I started
My List: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013: A few years ago, I clearly remembered the time when my main
What Do Dad Blogs Tell Us?: The phrase ‘dad blog’ might be a bit off-putting for those who



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Observed Earth Hour for the 8th Time We observed Earth Hour for the 8th time. My kids and I started participating every Earth Hour since 2009. I remembered the first time we participated in 2009. Our
Learning Aikido Just today, my two eldest children started their Aikido class. I decided to send them there as part of my personal concocted gadget detox program (to lessen their dependency on
Family Bonding In Front of the TV Now that children take a break from school and get to spend most of their days at home, one perfect bonding activity for the whole family to try is to


When I went back to school in 2013, I
Do you ever find yourself wishing your parents had
Wherever you go, it’s easy to find kids involved