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10 Signs of Good Nutrition

Netle’s Nido has launch a campaign. They are promoting “The 10 Signs of Good Nutrition.” These would be the basis that a child is healthy. So when, you see all of these signs in your children, there is nothing to worry about but if it lacks, you should see a pediatrician.

1. Right Weight For Height
2. Good Muscle Development
3. Good Posture
4. Clear Skin
5. Shiny Hair
6. Clear Eyes
7. Alert and Cheerful
8. Sleeps Uninterruptedly
9. Regular Bowel Movement
10. Good Appetite

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3 thoughts on “10 Signs of Good Nutrition

  1. thanks for sharing. I think my 3-year old daughter has all the good signs listed above except for #9 (regular bowel movement) but her pediatrician once told me that if constipation runs in the family, then she’ll likely to experience the same.

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