• Entertainment

    April Movies

    The month of April went fairly enough for me. After being so addicted to blogging, I was able to go out twice to watch a movie. LOL!!! The first movie I watched is one of those that I really waited to see in the Big Screen – The Forbidden Kingdom! Why not? A movie that starred both Jackie Chan and Jet Li is really worth watching. Well, the movie was nice and the story was real fiction. But I was kinda disappointed, I was waiting for a very awesome fight scene between Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Well, they had one but not as I hoped for. In a mommy’s…

  • Education

    Online Tutoring

    I am always fascinated by what is happening nowadays. You can find almost anything online. Like recently, I just found out that you can now get a Tutor online! Yes, if you or your children need help on reading, mathematics, science, history, and more; you can now get online assistance. I saw a website called Club Z and they have been around for quite some time now. They started operating since 1995 and now they are the largest growing one-on-one tutoring company in the world! These qualities are always the ones we need to look for in finding tutoring services especially when it’s online – experience and quality. Hits: 473 232Shares229 3  

  • Musings

    Friends and Invitations

    One of my friends told me that she makes money online by playing poker. She invited me several times but I declined the offer. I don’t know how to play poker and besides I am not got with these kinds of games. Well, since she always leave an offline message at my messenger, I opted to re-send her message to some of my other friends online. Hoping they might want to join her playing online poker. Luckily somebody replied but he says he still a newbie at online poker. Oh well, I guess if you have been doing things offline is fairly new to you if it’s in an online…