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    Top 10 EntreCard Droppers!!

    Another post of gratitude to my TOP 10 ENTRECARD Droppers for the Month of May, 2008! Thank you guys for always visiting my blog. Droppers Nice2All   Crissy’s Haven   Earn On The Side   Marriage and Beyond Matt’s Blog   A Girl For All Status   Article Specialist   Bizphere   Pearl of the Indian Ocean Students Views  

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    A Post of Gratitude

    I am really thankful to all my loving blogger friends who commented on my post “My Life as of Today.” It was very heartwarming to receive 31 comments of prayers, concerns, and advices. I may have not posted so much nor grab some opps but I was resting my mind and my body. I was reading all of your comments over and over again just to come up with a decision that I might not regret later. Aside from that, I was also pondering all the thoughts inside my mind, my heart and my beliefs. I needed to decide and I needed to be careful.By God’s grace, my heart and…