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    Miscellaneous Thoughts

    It’s already September and officially I have been blogging for about nine months now. The “ber” in the month is a symbol that Christmas is already in the air. Many things are creeping in our minds right now and most of these things are related to family finances. Hays…I guess we all do. Anyway, since today is Labor Day, I am not expecting any opportunities to be grabbed but I am still hopeful that there would be. I will check on that later. A little later, I will be leaving for the hospital. I wanted to ask the doctor if she could sign the release paper of my daughter. She…

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    Rugs Galore

    Did you ever get the feeling of making your workplace more comfy and beautiful? Well, I do. I spend most of my working hours inside my parent’s room. Since we will be staying here until next year, my kids and I have taken ownership of it. LOL! Anyway, every time I withdraw from my income. I buy something that puts back to my work just like what I bought last month – computer table, speakers, webcam, and desktop lamp. When I was still working before, I always make my workplace very comfortable as possible. I don’t want to get distracted by uncomfortable feeling or sights. So now, I am planning…

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    Greetings to All!!

    I guess most bloggers around the world, US or not, is celebrating labor day right now. And you know what I mean by that right? They are taking their vacations, so we might have no tasks to grab. HEHEHE… Anyway, enjoy the holidays everyone. Happy Labor Day!! Hits: 253 229Shares229