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    Fine Dining at Bigby’s Café

    Last Thursday night, my hubby and I ate outside. Nothing to celebrate but I just wanted him to taste the food Bigby’s Café has. I have been hearing a good deal on the menus they have. So, I decided why not try some fine dining. Its not everyday we eat at a good place right? So when we arrived, my hubby started complaining about the price. The food looks delicious but the price seems so shocking for him. But still I justified it since I am the one who’s paying the tab. Hehehe… Anyway, we ordered two different meals and both are priced around $5 plus each. I ordered some…

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    My Trick Out Photo

    Mommy Vhiel invited me to join her Halloween Blog Party. Since I love blog parties, I decided to join and participate in her contest. Here is my entry to her “Trick Out Photo” Contest. I hope it stand a chance. This photo was taken last October 31, 2007 about a year ago. Frame credits goes to Tickled Pink Digiscrap’s Boo! Freebies and was edited using Paint and PhotoShop CS3. By the way, if you want to join, please click on the banner above for more details. ^_^ < >