2009 EcoQuest International

Just the other day, I was blogging about EcoQuest International’s products that helps clean the air by getting rid of odor and dusts. Installing one at home would help freshen the ambiance of the house but also make the people living inside it healthier because of breathing fresh and clean air.

Now I just found out that they will be having an international convention for their entire sales network on August 20- 22, 2009. They have put up a website for constant update about the activities relating to this (yearly gatherings). On their planned convention, they are going to launch more products and more earning opportunities for all their members. I am sure all the members are excited and looking forward to this event.

If you are a member or planning to become one, please visit their site to check out on the 2009 EcoQuest International convention schedule and information about their products and business plan at

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