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    Why Do I Love Him?

    As I write this post, I am in terrible pain. My heart cries and the pain is real. Many times I wanted to die to stop the pain but I couldn’t. I can’t simply kill myself and the pain; especially not now that I am carrying an angel. I have been tagged by many of my friends and I couldn’t find the words to describe the reasons why I love my husband but with the lyrics of this song I hope it could translate how I feel right now and what I want to do. Hits: 556 229Shares229    

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    Special Day and Announcement!

    Today is our 9th Wedding Anniversary! Guess what?! My hubby did not go to work. He asked for a one day leave just to spend the day with me at home. Isn’t that sweet?! Though we have no money, I am just happy that he is here with me! Anyway, since there is so much love in the air right now, I thought that this day would be the perfect day to announce another great milestone in my life! If you are an avid reader and visitor of my blog since last year, you may have noticed that most of my posts are done mostly at dawn and now… I am…

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    Disclosure Policy

    Sojourner’s Nook is a blog owned and maintained by RUBY. For questions about this blog, please send her a message using the CONTACT FORM. All posts written on this blog are originally written by her or otherwise re-posted with permission. This blog may accept any form of compensation in exchange for ad space or any forms of advertising. The owner of this blog is not always compensated to provide opinions on certain topics of discussion. Though the blogger accepts paid advertising, her own opinions or views are all hers. She may mention some representation of such but this should be verified with the party in question. Hits: 21 229Shares229    

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    9th Wedding Anniversary

    Tomorrow will be our 9th Wedding Anniversary and also our two and a half being together again. If I try to look what happened to our marriage for the past nine years, all I can say is that we really have been to hell and back again. We have experienced a lot of trials and tribulations that I am glad God have keep us together! 😳 Around a few months back, we have many wonderful plans. We thought of enjoying each other’s company and somehow buy gifts for each other. I was planning to buy him an xbox 360 or a guitar gadget. He also thought of buying me a…