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    Joined the First Commenter Club

    Genie Pricess, Maurica, started to give additional linky love to the first person who comments at her Star Post last year. After awhile, many of her closest and dearest friends started the same thing. So, to make it more official, GP decided to launch the First Commenter Club together with her friend Lady Java. Now the club is open to 100 blogs only. I got lucky I was able to join as the 18th blog on the list. Therefore, starting this March 2009, aside from my blog being a do follow blog, I will be adding an additional link love to the first person who comments at my Star Post.…

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    Tribute to the 23rd EDSA Revolution

    Today, we are celebrating the 23rd EDSA Revolution. It was the time when the Philippine people struggle to break free from a dictator. Though the People’s Power was successful, I believed that our country is still enslaved, not by a dictator, but by corrupt politicians that makes their pockets healthy rather than the people’ well-being. Hits: 467 229Shares229    

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    Learning from the Past

    In the past few years, many unfortunate events had happened to our country and most of these were related to flood or fire. I can’t hold the rain responsible from pouring in and creating havoc since it’s a natural cycle of life but when fire starts burning houses and buildings because of faulty electrical wirings then human error must be blamed. I remembered many tragic incidents where people was burned alive inside a disco house and trapped inside a department store. Aside from the faulty electrical wirings, both places lack visible exit signs which caused panic among people not knowing where to get out. The disco case was also caused…

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    Grrrr… Mad!

    My computer was open the whole day and so was my Yahoo Messenger. I was not doing anything particular online nor did any tasks. I just left it open while I was doing the laundry (again!) and cleaning the room. I just felt that it needed to stay online. Nothing more! LOL! Anyway, I am just totally pissed right now. We are in the brink of financial difficulty and the person that I was trying to help was more than a problem to me after all. She lost the money that I gave her to buy us dinner in exchange for a fee to help her family. She lost a…