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    Online Shop for Diet Pills

    Because of our fast-paced way of living, more and more people find themselves taking diet pills instead of going to gym. Many are having a hard time keeping up with their daily activities that sometimes doing a simple exercise is too much to handle. Therefore, they live a very unbalanced lifestyle making them gain weight. So to keep up with a proportionate weight and height, people tend to take diet pills as an alternative way to lose weight. And because of high demand, many products are introduced in the market, some are effective, safe and moderately priced while others are the exact opposite. Anyway, I have found an online shop…

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    Cooking with a Kalan *

    One of the hardest parts of trying to be a wife and mommy right now is cooking. Not that I dreaded cooking but it’s really hard cooking outside the house using a “kalan” (cooking stove made of clay) especially when it’s raining. Well, the house help can do it for me but I still prefer doing the dinner cooking myself. I want my hubby and children eat dinner with the viand that I cooked. 😀 Anyway, here is a snap shot of me in cooking action! Hits: 605 229Shares229    

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    Exit Signs

    When my hubby and I were malling, he asked me what I need to look in a building first before getting comfortable with the place. So, I immediately replied, “Comfort Room (Rest Room)!” That came out of my mind because I tend to go pee most of the time especially when I am cold. Then of course, he said I was wrong. He said I should look for exit signs so that in case of emergency, I wouldn’t panic and run like hell confused. At least when I know where the emergency exits are, I would be confident to go out and not panic. Well, he does indeed have a…

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    Latest Picture Tag *

    Mommy Sheng passed this lovely tag to me last April 4. Thanks for remembering me Mommy! Anyway, I modified the tag just a little bit to make it unique for me. 🙂 The instruction was: 1. Take your latest picture. (I did but I only took my tummy part.) 2. Take your picture as natural as possible. (My tummy looks natural, right?) 3. Post your picture on your blog. 4. Post the rules. 5. Tag 10 people to do this tag. So, here is my latest picture. That is how my tummy looks right now at 17 weeks! Now, to tag 10 people…hmmm. I really don’t know who are in…