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    Tribute to My June and July Top 5 Commentators

    It’s been awhile since I have shown my great appreciation for those who took time to visit and commented on my blog. So, let me take this chance to say thank you to the following: My July 2009 Top Five Commentators poshpost (7) fatherlyours (6) MM (4) Experience Negros (4) francis (3) My June 2009 Top Five Commentators Sheng (11) Donald Serrano (6) meili_lo (4) Mommy J (4) Sherry (4) Thank you very much for the visits and comments!! God bless you all.

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    Mom is Here!!!

    My mother has finally arrived! As usual, Negros Navigation is such a pain in the butt. Aside from the fact that they didn’t give their passenger an estimated time of arrival (ETA), they port and ticketing office here in Bacolod didn’t gave me the exact time they were advised by the vessel’s captain. Earlier this morning, I called them and they told me that the vessel will be arriving around 2pm. Then when my husband called again, they told him that it will arrive around 5 to 7pm. So, just to make sure, my friend Mommy Dhadha helped me called them back again, they told her the boat will arrive…